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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tips For a Good Sleep & Stress-Free Life

Tips for good sleep
7-8 hrs of good sleep is essential for everybody.It will make one feel fresh & energetic to start the next day
Here are some tips to get good sleep

1)Avoid tea/coffee after 7-8 p. m
2)Don't sleep for a longer during daytime.30-45 min is sufficient
3)Listen to music set to a low volume.It should be relaxing type.
4)Avoid drinking a lot of water after 10 p m .You may have to get up to void urine
5)Practice Yoga,Pranayam & deep breathing.
6)Read a good book.
7)Avoid T.V. in bedroom
8)Don't let your children sleep for a longer during daytime.They will not allow you to sleep
9)Room shoud be adequately warm or cool depending on the season
10)Use good room freshner
11)Use mosquito repellants.
12)Bedroom should be clean & free of bedbugs.
13)Work hard during daytime.This is very important.
14)Leave all your worries & tensions once you are in bed.
15)Do't argue/fight with your life partner just before going to bed
16)do continuous "Prayer"when you are lying on bed. It means repeating of a "Mantra " e.g. "Om namaha shivaya" continuously in your mind
17)Avoid smoking in night.This will prevent you from getting a good sleep.
18)Don't sleep during daytime for more than a hour.
19)During winter one should have adequate warm clothes to get a good sleep.
20)During summer,adjust AC properly-it should not be very high or very low.